iOS 16 Public Beta Released - How to Install!

 iOS 16 Public Beta Released - How to Install!

iOS 16 Public Beta Released - How to Install!

 Hey,  in today's blog we're installing the first public build of ios 16 that just came out recently entirely for free and entirely on device now for future reference if you're already running an ios 16 beta you can install the latest update in the settings app under general software update it might actually just pop it up at the top as well. When you open the settings app now for everyone else installing the first public ios 16 beta for the very first time the process is as follows basically we're going to download and install the public beta profile reboot our device and then download the beta via an OTA software update.

                     So these are the devices that are supported -

iOS 16 supported devices -

Phone 13
Phone 11 Pro
IPhone 13 mini
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone XS
Phone 13 Pro Max
iPhone Xs Max
IPhone 12
iPhone XR
IPhone 12 mini
Phone 12 Pro
iPhone 8
iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 11

please make a backup of your data before doing this and don't worry there is always a way to go back to ios 15 if you want to do so now this process works for all supported iphones as well as ipads running ipad os too. 

So for the first step

       let's grab our ios device on this we're going to open up safari and go to apple's official beta software program site here we're going to create an account or sign in to an existing apple id and if this is your first time enrolling in the beta program there will be a few extra things to agree to and things like that so once enrolled and signed in we're going to navigate to ios if on iphone ipad os if you're on an ipad next we're going to scroll down to enroll your device in blue on this next page these are the things apple recommends before installing the beta i'd highly recommend to read this if you're new to ios betas but to get the profile we're going to scroll down to download profile tap that and then tap allow now this is going to download the ios 16 public beta profile to your device from here to finish the installation of this we're going to go to the settings app go to profile downloaded and then agree to the terms and conditions now if the profile downloaded text is not popping up the profile is also found under general device management.

so for the second step 

once you're done installing that it's going to prompt you to reboot your device so we'll go ahead and do that now once we're back up and running the third and final step is to launch the settings app it may actually just say ios 16 public beta install at the top if not you can always go to general software update to install the latest build now once here all you have to do is tap download and install but that pretty much wraps up this blog remember apple servers are totally slammed right now just be patient if your download is taking a while but once downloaded the update process will finish on its own your phone will shut down you should see an apple logo a progress bar and the next thing you know you will be running the public beta of ios 16. 

so be sure to share this blog with your friends if they're at all interested installing ios 16 because it really couldn't be any easier anyway thank you guys so much for reading and for the support

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