Top 7 Easy Work From Home Jobs to Earn Money for Female🔥 | No Skills Needed!

 Top 7 Easy Work From Home Jobs to Earn Money for Female🔥 | No Skills Needed!


work from home jobs for womens - (or men)

Hey everyone, welcome to this earning blog. In this blog I'll be talking about the seven work from home jobs that you can get started with, as a beginner into freelancing and you can make decent income doing this. Now a lot of people on YouTube like to say that okay you can make easy money doing this, No skills required or things like that. That is not entirely true. What they are saying over there is that you don't need to have specific skills for these jobs. You can get started with these having generic skills or skills that you can learn with very less time.
So that's basically what they are trying to tell you when they say no skills required, but definitely, there will be some skills that will be required for doing this. Okay. With that said, I'll be talking about - 

  • what this skill particularly is
  • how can you get started with this? 
  • What is the earning potential over here from my own experience. 
  • And my experience of talking with a lot of different freelancer from different niches. 
So, that's what I'll be talking. Okay, let's get start with the first one.

work from home jobs for womens

1. Virtual Assistant - work from home jobs for womens / men

                           The first One is Virtual Assistant. Now, yesterday, I had a talk with a freelancer, who is a virtual assistant, basically, and he is in 12th grade right now. And he made, I think around $4,000 as a virtual assistant in the last four-five months, and he did that, basically by you know, reaching out to these people who are in Germany, who are in US and he works for them and he gets around $100 every single week from each client and he works for three-four clients at the same time. 
                            So what happens is that, virtual assistants means that you'll be working for clients and you will be doing some basic work for them. Let's say like scheduling meetings, booking some seed source, doing some reservations or you can also do some particular task like you know posting something on their social media or doing things like that. A lot of people who are into business, they do not have the time to do these minute tasks. So that is why they can Outsource that to you and you can help them out doing that. 
What is the earning potential -
                            As I talked with him? He said that you can make around $100 every single week from a single client and you can do that with three clients you know, every month you can make somewhere around thousand dollars to I think $1500 depending on what client you get. Okay. It is a great field that you can get started with if you do not have a lot of skills and then you can try to Niche down, you can pick a particular category. Let's say, you can say that I will be your social media manager VA, or I will be your Tech VA, So Tech VA basically takes care of the technology side of things. Let's you have like a website. Let's say you want to upload something. Let's say you want to do some Email marketing and things like that. So, that is where that comes into picture. So this is VA. 
work from home jobs for womens

2. canva designing -  home jobs for ladies / students

                              This is called a Canva Designing. So what you can do with Canva is really interesting. Usually, if you were to start with graphic design, you would have to download Photoshop or something really expensive, that would require a lot of effort and it is quite confusing as well for beginners, but if you start with Canva, this would be a great way for you to learn graphic design and make some simple posts. You do need to have the skill of understanding, what makes good design. So, for that, I think there is a great, free course from Google. That is available. Free Graphics Designing Course By Google. You can take that course it is for free. And you'll be able to learn about how you can get started with graphic design.
                            So, Canva designing is really good. You can be like a content creator for a lot of different companies and you can basically just say that, hey, I will create content for your Instagram or hey, I will create content for your e-mail newsletter for the pictures that they require, or for your blog's, things like that, you can tell them. And this would be a great way for you to get started with freelancing. I have given the reference video talking about how can you get started with canva and fiverr as a freelancer? You can check that out if you're interested. Okay, so this is the second Skill that you can learn and you can get started with that. 
                          Now, for all of these skills, you do need to have one very important skill. That is the skill of negotiating, that is a skill of talking with your client. Okay? How do you pitch your client? That is where you need to be good at communicating yourself and of course you have to learn this anyhow.

work from home jobs for womens

3. Transcription -  

                         Moving on to the third one, this will be called as Transcription and I have personal experience with something like this. I just hired someone for my subtitles of my youtube videos and the way this works is that I would just give them the video saying that, hey, this is the video. I'll be putting out tomorrow or day after tomorrow and their job is to basically just like here, whatever I am saying and convert that into text and put in the timestamps as well, right. So, whatever I am saying they'll just write it down and that is called as transcription. work from home jobs for ladies
                             Now this will not pay you a lot and that is basically because unless you are getting like some really great clients that you're working with, let's say in the U.S you're working with some big businesses. And they have some courses that they want you to transcript, then you won't be making much money. So that's basically the reality of transcription. it's great like a side hustle that you can just do every single day for I think, 2 to 3 hours. The way this works is very simple. You would charge for the minute, right? So for every single minute of the video that you are transcribing into written text, you will be asking them. Let's say around $1 per minute or $2 per minute, something like that, you asked now, if you go into U.S you can charge a lot more. You can charge, like, I think around $5 or $10 per minute, that is also possible. So this is the third skill that you can get started with. work from home jobs for female

work from home jobs for womens

4. Tutoring -

                           Work from home jobs for female. The fourth one would be called as Tutoring. So I am assuming that a lot of you are in college and you have been through your school years and you have a particular subject that you like to talk about that can a mathematics, biology, English etc. You can then start teaching that to the students, this would be great for you because We'll be charging for the every single class that you'll be taking for them. You can do two things over here.
                            Number one would be to get to them by just like calling, you know, neighbors around your locality and you can just say that. Hey, if you want me to teach your kids, if you want me to just clear their doubts, you can hire me and I'll be charging around, 500 rupees every single class, that is completely possible. You can do that and you can do that for, let's say five kids, or let's say 10 kids you can get, and that is how you can make some great money, as a teacher, by teaching them what you already have learned, you don't have to learn anything new, just the things that you liked in your school, you can now start teaching that as well, so that's what you can do. 
                           Number two as a tutor, there are also online platforms available. You can  clear people's doubts, and you will get paid for every single question that you answer. So that is what tutoring, is all about.

work from home jobs for womens

5. Content Writing - 

                                 Okay, moving on we have Content Writing. Now I just watch a podcast of someone who makes around 360 thousand dollars every single year as a fiveer freelancer and she's in the content writing Niche. She has been doing that for over seven years now. So definitely you cannot compare with what she is doing right now, but you can definitely start off as a Content writer. Maybe you are doing ghostwriting for some articles or maybe you are also writing some product descriptions on some, you know, e-commerce websites. or you're also trying to write ebooks for people. right. So a lot of people want their ebooks to be written. They are not so great at writing there is a lot of scope over here. So this is also a great niche to start with.

work from home jobs for womens

 6. Social Media Management -

                              So the next part would be Social Media Management. So as a social media manager, you would basically be uploading some content on their own Instagram page or on their Facebook, on their LinkedIn on their tik-tok. or on there, whatever social media platform you are on and you'll be managing it, you will try to increase the engagement. You will try to do some Partnerships with other pages and you try to grow it basically. Okay. So that's where social media management comes into picture, and it is a great feel that you can get started with. It depends on what company you are working for and that will determine how much you will get paid.
                               I was doing a internship in a start-up and over there. I was getting paid. I think five thousand per month which is really low. and that is why i left at intership but you can work for some great companies if you search, For like U.S companies or companies abroad, you can find some great ones over there. All right, now, this is somewhat similar to VA, but this is like a micro niche VA that, you can go into, you can have a category and you can start working over there.

work from home jobs for womens

7. Drop Servicing -

                          Now, the last skill that you can get started with is called as Drop Servicing. What happens to drop servicing agent is that you are good at communication. You will get in touch with a client and you will try to take a project from them. The project can be let's say they want to get about a hundred videos edited or let's say they want to create post for their social media or whatever service they want to get. And then what you do is that you Outsource that to some other freelancer. and you make the difference.
                            It's also called as Arbitrage in which are getting paid let's say a hundred rupees. You are giving someone 80 Rupees to do the same thing, and you're making the 20 rupees. This is not exactly freelancing. But this is also something that you can start doing. But yeah, that's what I would say. I have seen a lot of people doing this. So this is something that you can definitely do. You do need to be great at communicating yourself. You do need to be great at telling people that you are capable of doing something, and then afterwards, you can definitely Outsource it to other people. All right. So, that's pretty much it. These are the Seven skills that you can learn and you can get started with at your home without going anywhere. Remote work is the future and I want you to understand this huge opportunity available for you. 

Comment below. And let me know. What are your thoughts about these jobs? Would you be doing any one of these or if you have already done them? Then what has Your experience being like, Allright. That is it. I will see you all in the next blog.

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