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ola electric scooter


 Ola Electric Scooter Engineering Explained :-

Ola owns the world's biggest electric scooter manufacturing facility the future factory their factory is targeting a future disruption in the market with their recent electric scooter model ola s1pro this scooter could easily take over the market with its affordable price and high performance this machine's peak torque value is an impressive 58 newton meters and its peak power is 8.5 kilowatts. 

However despite these good performance numbers in the company's global plants this scooter has some serious technical glitches will it be able to live up to its hype let's explore.

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ola s1 scooter electric

Ola electric scooter detailed engineering :-

                                              The Ola scooter runs on an internal permanent magnet ipm motor these electric motors have permanent magnets embedded deep inside their iron rotors the ipm motor is a great choice as it is high torque to weight ratios when we compare the ipm motor with the bldc surface mount motors used in most other e-scooters the ipm motors give higher torque for the same volume because of the additional reluctance torque the ipm's iron rotor provides which is why you get greater acceleration when you start your ola scooter the ipm motor requires an ac supply for its stator winding to supply this power ola uses the banana battery pack which is a collection of tiny cylindrical nca cells obviously we have to use a three-phase inverter in between to convert the battery's dc supply into an ac supply a controller is also used in the scooter its main duty is to control the frequency of the alternating current.

 For example, when you accelerate the controller gets this signal and it commands the inverter to increase the ac current's frequency the greater the frequency the greater the ipm motor speed let's keep these electronics components inside the scooter the bulky inverter and the other electronics thus working such a protruding and irritating part on your last scooter the controller not only commands the inverter to change its frequency it is the ola scooter's brain the controller handles the scooter's amazing software controls such as password-enabled driving navigation speed modes control and many other cool features now let's drive this scooter and check for its noise. 


ather vs ola electric scooter

Ather vs Ola Electric Scooter Engine Explained :-

                                      The reason for the noise difference between the ola and other e-scooters is the transmission as you can see the ipm motor is placed in the center of the ola scooter and the rotational energy is transferred to the rear tire via belt transmission this is a single stage transmission other scooters for example Ather use a two-stage transmission system to get high torque so the increased number of gears results in extra noise oloc can manage with a single speed transmission because the ipm motor inherently gives a good torque output have you ever wondered why ola places the motor in the center and not directly in the tire as a hub motor the reason is the sprung to unsprung weight ratio.


Ola electric explained :-

 Let's explore this important concept the sprung weight is simply the weight of components resting over the suspension springs as shown here whereas the unsprung weight is the weight after the springs if the ratio of sprung to

ola scooter engine

unsprung weight is high you get good travel comfort over speed bumps and potholes here you can see the motor is a part of the sprung weight suppose ola used a hub motor which has an in-wheel placement in that case the unsprung weight increases in the ratio will decrease leading to discomfort while you drive for this reason the ola electric scooter uses a mid-drive motor rather than a hub motor did you notice something peculiar about this scooter shock absorber it is not inclined this way rather it's horizontal it's called a cantilever suspension and you can see it clearly here how do cantilever suspensions work and why do olaf scooters use them this cantilever suspension is an advantage for drivers because they get more of the boot space one end of the suspension is connected to the chassis and the other to a triangular lever the lever is pivoted at this point the other end of this lever is connected to the wheel just by visualising these animations you can see that as the tire moves up and down the triangular lever rotates and transfers this motion to the shocks.


ola scooter design

                                    One major issue with the Ola scooter is that when the user tries to drive it on hyper mode the scooter automatically switches to normal mode after some time due to the heating of the motor and battery in hyper mode the motor draws high power for a longer duration and overheats along with the battery if this overheating continues the motor winding may burn in the battery can cause a fire to avoid this result a smart battery management system is employed and is integrated with the battery pack itself this electronic system signals the controller to switch back into normal mode as soon as the battery's temperature goes beyond safe limits this solution eventually saves the motor as well this control is particularly important in india's warm environment one of this bike's coolest features is the regenerative braking which gives you more range here the motor acts as a generator the braking happens here without any metal to metal contact.

Feature Of Ola Electric Scooter :-

 One interesting braking feature of this scooter is that just by twisting the throttle in reverse direction the regen will give you a more intense braking as soon as you twist the throttle in reverse direction the smart controller reverses the direction of the stator rmf.  This gives the reverse torque to the rotor and the motor comes to a sudden stop ola calls this feature a forced regen in short the forced regen is equivalent to your hand forcefully stopping a spinning wheel by moving against it one of the ola s1 scooters drawbacks occurs during a hill climb with a pillion passenger this scooter fails to fulfill the high torque demand required for this situation another customer complaint about the scooter is that during normal turns the handle reaches very close to drivers knees if they are tall causing discomfort additionally the s-1 pro model recently had a fire incident and government officials are investigating the root cause please check the video from plug in India (on Youtube) to learn about some of the other issues of the scooter all these concerns have obviously reduced public enthusiasm around the scooter many of you know that the ola electric scooter was actually the app scooter of a netherland-based company etergo the app scooter was designed for european roads and europe's 17 degrees celsius summer temperatures ola's owner mr bovish had to make huge modifications in the scooter's design to make it viable for india's bumpy roads and summer temperatures of up to 40 degrees celsius.


ola electric scooter s1

 T hey spent a whole one year to redesign the scooter for the indian conditions one year of r d is obviously insufficient to effectively achieve these adaptations we hope with one more year of effort the company can deliver a top-notch affordable electric scooter ola even has plans to release this scooter in the global market to get a complete picture of the ola scooter's other engineering achievements and additional drawbacks. Please check the detailed video from plug in India.

Official Website Of Ola Electric :- https://olaelectric.com/

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